Twitter to show a timestamp and ‘Last edited’ label on edited embedded tweets

Twitter announced that it will allow users to edit their tweets back in April. Although it was speculated to be an April Fools’ joke, researcher Jane Manchun Wong revealed what these edited tweets will look like, hinting that the microblogging site is actually working on this feature. In the recent report, Wong shared how these edited tweets will look like to the viewers when embedded on a website. Also Read – Twitter is testing a new ‘tweets per month’ feature: Check details

Edited tweets on Twitter

According to Wong, users will not get free rein by editing a tweet. Viewers will be able to see the timestamp when it was last edited with a caption, “Last edited”. This will also be visible when such tweets are embedded on other websites. Also Read – Twitter bans more than 43,140 accounts in India for violating norms

This way, there will be more transparency and will avoid misinformation to an extent. Notably, this feature is yet to roll out for Twitter users. It is being tested for premium Twitter Blue subscribers first and then it will be eventually rolled out for others.

For the unversed, the Twitter Blue subscription cost has been increased by two dollars. The premium service is not yet available for users in India.

Additionally, it was recently revealed that Twitter is also testing a new feature that will let users see how many times someone tweets per month. As per a statement by a Twitter spokesperson to TechCrunch, “This is part of an ongoing experiment in which we want to learn how providing more context about the frequency of an account’s tweets can help people make more informed decisions about the accounts they choose to engage with.”

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